Vol.63 No.9 Contents

Topics & Information



  Optimization of Quinone Compounds Impregnation in Kraft-quinone Cooking  
Junji Tanaka...(1)


  Application of Microbial Products and Fluorescence Imaging to Activated Sludge Control  
Ryoji Igarashi, Takuji Yamamoto and Hideomi Matsuoka...(4)


  OxiPROTM Technology
    -Maximizing Machine Efficiency through Proactive Deposit Control-
Akihiro Maeshima...(9)
  A Study on Improvement in Quality of Dry-strength Agents for Neutral Papermaking
  Kazuki Tanaka...(13)


Business Risk Management withVisualizationof Environmental Pollution
-Environmental Monitoring Systeme-FEINS-


Kenzaburo Makita...(19)


  Bearing Coating Technology Kunio Osaki...(24)


  Significance and Economical Effect of the Glass Lined Steel Tank  
Kuniyasu Sasaki...(28)


  Hyper Shaped Engineered Kaolin in Barrier Application  

David I. Gittins and Tatsuya Asano...(33)


  Development of Long-life Slitter Knives Using Novel Hard Carbon Films  
Teruyuki Kitagawa and Tokumi Ikeda...(37)


  The Latest Modern QCS Paper IQ Select
    -A Step Change in QCS Performance and Application-
Noriyuki Watanabe...(41)


  Line Synchronization from Paper Machine to Coater Satoshi Suzuki...(46)


  Effect of Energy Saving on Paper Mill White Water Using Spin-Klin Automatic Backwash
Filter System
Kazuyasu Izawa, Shouji Mizumura and Daigo Hama...(49)


Research Report(Original Paper)

  SReduction of Pollutants from Bleached Kraft Pulp Mills by the Process Conversion
    to Elemental Chlorine Free Bleaching(Part1)
        -Organic Halogens in Bleach Filtrates and in Whole Mill Effluents-
Hitoshi Takagi and Miyuki Nakagawa...(55)
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(6)  
    -Iwakuni Mill, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.-

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd....(69)


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Industry News(Domestic and International) ...(78)
List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication ...(90)
Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District ...(100)
Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center ...(101)
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