Vol.63 No1 Contents

New Year's Speech Noboru Hasegawa...(1)
The Special Issue of the51st-2008JAPAN TAPPI Annual Meeting at NagoyaKasugai
General Review of the 51st-2008 JAPAN TAPPI Annual Meeting at NagoyaKasugai

Planning Subcommittee, JAPAN TAPPI...(4)

Keynote Address Noboru Hasegawa...(12)
Lecture by Winner of 2007 JAPAN TAPPI Prize ...(18)
A Visit to Kasugai Mill-Oji Paper Co., Ltd.-

Technical Report
  The Latest Low Consistency Pulper Technology-IntensaPulperTR-
    -Developing Story of the Innovative LC Pulper-

Naoyuki Iwashige...(31)

  Sludge Dewatering Machine, Rotary Press Filter
    -Dewatering of Paper Making Waste Water Sludge-
Koji Matsumoto...(36)
  Development and Operating Experience of the Newest Kneader  

Hideyuki Goto and Isao Aoki...(41)

  Operating Experience of Formmaster Nobuyuki Kido...(45)
  Operating Experience of No. 3 Incinerator Tomoo Arano...(50)
  An Evaluation of Light Scattering Property in Printing Paper  

Masayuki Takishiro, Yukio Kotori and Shinichi Inoue...(54)

  Improvement of Pulpwood Productivity of Fast Grown Eucalyptus and Acacia Tree
  Species in Southeast Asia

Shinichi Sukeno...(57)

  The Making of Paper Contributes to Local Environment
    -Paper Made from Bamboo-
Masato Kawata...(61)
  Development of On-line Fiber Orientation Control
    -Improvement of the Quality of Copy Paper-

Hidenori Yatomi, Michihiro Fujiyama, Yoshisada Yamabe, Junji Yamamoto,
Hidenobu Todoroki, Katsumasa Ono, Takashi Ochi, Takashi Sasaki and Hirofumi Sano...(66)

Topics & Information  
  A Report on 2008 Engineering, Pulping, Environmental Conference and International
  Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference
    -August24~29,2008at Portland, USA-

Shisei Goto, Reiko Oshima, Hiroyuki Nagatani, Hitoshi Okada and Kunitaka Toyofuku...(70)

Committee report
Coffee break ...(77)
Papyrus ...(78)
Industry News(Domestic and International) ...(80)
List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI ...(92)
List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication ...(94)
Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District ...(107)
Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center ...(108)
Other Monthly Statistics ...(110)
News from the Association ...(112)