October 2007 CONTENTS

Topics & Information
  Latest Technology of GL&V/KAWANOE
Brian J. Gallagher...(1)
  Preventive Measures for Spots Caused by Dryer-fabric Deposit Daiki Hosaka
  Daiki Hosaka...(6)
  Defoamer for KP
    -FOAMLEX E Series-
Mitsuru Komatsu, Takashi Tanaka and Yuichi Tomoda...(12)
  Effects of Alkyl Chain Structures in Alkyl Ketene Dimer(AKD)Sizing Agents on Paper Properties and Machine Runnability
  Kazuki Nagao, Hitoshi Ando and Tetsuya Hara...(16)
  Introduction of TAPIO Analyzers
    -PMA, TS-Profiler, and Lab Profiler BCX-
Yoshiyuki Kawabata...(24)
  Octopus Stock Approach System Masaaki Inaba and Norihito Toda...(31)
  Anaerobic Treatment of Various Wastewater from the Process of Manufacturing Pulp
  Shigeru Noritake, Seiji Imabayashi, Kazuo Kamiji, Hitoshi Kagawa, Atsushi Tanaka, Hajime Takahashi, Fumio Obama, Akinori Kato and Atsushi Shimamoto...(36)
  New IT Solution Transforms a Tacit into Visible Knowledge
    -Text Mining Software REXION Pro-
Motomi Kohata...(39)
  Study on Print Abrasion Trouble in Ink Layer of Matt Coated Paper
  Takeshi Watanabe, Shigeo Yamanaka and Nobuhiro Matsuda...(44)
  How to Save Money, Increase Efficiency and Meet Regulations by Limiting Seal Water Usage
  Ryosuke Baba...(50)
  For Sound or Noise in Industrial World PartII
    -It Thinks about the Noise as Part of T. F. O from SKF-
Yasuhiko Yamasaki...(56)
  A report of the 2007(74th)Pulp and Paper Research Conference
  Wood Science Committee, JAPAN TAPPI...(61)
  Report of 2007 TAPPI Papermakers Conference Koichi Yanai...(78)
  A Report on PulPaper 2007
    -June57, 2007at Helsinki, Finland-
  Keihachiro Nakajima, Motoi Chiba, Yosuke Uchida, Koji Okomori and Kunitaka Toyofuku...(83)
  Introduction of Research Laboratories(61)
  Kochi Prefectural Paper Technology Center...(94)

Research Report(Original Paper)  
  Application of Micro Bubble Treatment Technology to Paper -making Effluent Treatment
  Yoshihiko Saijo and Makoto Iwasaki...(97)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(73)  
  -Daio Paper Corporation Kani Mill(Gifu)-
Daio Paper Corporation...(105)

Committee report ...(03)
Essay on Intellectual Property ...(93)
Coffee break ...(96)
Papyrus ...(111)
Industry News(Domestic and International) ...(114)
List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI ...(125)
List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication ...(127)
Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District ...(138)
Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center ...(139)
Other Monthly Statistics ...(141)
News from the Association ...(143)