Vol. 60 No.4 CONTENTS

Welcoming New Graduates

  Clonal Plantation of Eucalyptus globulus
    —Selection of Plus Trees and Trial Plantation—
Kazuya Ito...(2)
  The Latest Energy Saving Process for Secondly Fiber Treatment
    —The Energy Saving Possibility with Newly Developed Technology—
Kazumi Fujita...(12)
  New Modified Starch for Surface Size Press Tetsuya Murayama...(25)
  Removing Paper Machine Bottlenecks with Targeted Rebuilds
    —Recent Topics for Rebuilds of Headbox, Former and Press Sections—
  Hidehiko Yamazaki...(31)
  The Advanced Effluent Treatment System in Paper Mill
    —Introduce of WSR Subsystem—
  Takayuki Suzuki and Junichi Miura...(42)
  System of Wet—end Chemicals for Neutral Papermaking
Noriyuki Okada...(49)
  Design of Internal and Surface Sizing Agent Corresponding to Various Papermaking
  Hiroshi Nakagawa...(56)
  Development of Cationic Colloidal Silica Treated with Amino—functional Silace for Ink Jet
  Mitsuru Ishii, Toshio Kakui, Masao Ishiguro and Sayaka Sato...(63)
  A Study on Print Gloss of Double Coating
  Yoshihiko Hattori, Hiroshi Nakamori and Noriko Kitamura...(71)
  A Summary and Operation Experience of Biomass—boiler in Nakoso Mill
  Katsuya Furukawa...(81)

Topics & Information  
  Reports on the6th Pira International Sizing Conference and the Chemical Engineering
    Laboratory of Complutense University of Madrid
  Tomohisa Gondo and Akira Isogai...(90)
  Report of the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies(PACIFICHEM2005)
  Gyosuke Meshitsuka...(94)

Introduction of Research Laboratories  (52)  
  Laboratory of Environmental Wood Science, Department of Biological Resources
  Environments,Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University ...(98)

Research Report  
  Effect of Harvesting Time and Stem Height Position on Kenaf Bast Pulp Yield, Viscosity and
  Fiber Length Wiwin Suwinarti and Kazuhiko Sameshima...(101)
  Elastic Stress Analysis for Case(Square Tubular Panel)of Corrugated Fiber Board Box
  Shape under Uniform Compression at Center in Upper and Lower Edges
  Satoru Matsushima and Shigeo Matsushima...(112)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan  (56)  
  Agatsuma Plant, LINTEC Corporation LINTEC Corporation...(131)

Committee report ...(03)
Essay on Intellectual Property ...(97)
Coffee break ...(100)
Papyrus ...(138)
Industry News(Domestic and International) ...(143)
List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI ...(155)
List of Patents issued and Laid—open Publication ...(158)
Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District ...(169)
Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center ...(170)
Other Monthly Statistics ...(172)
News from the Association ...(174)