Vol.68, No.7  Contents

Energy SavingⅡ
    1  Efforts for Reduction of Energy Consumption ……Shiori Uda
    7  Factory Diagnostics and Optimization ……Norio Fukushima
   16  Saving Energy of Water Pump with Fluiglide Coating ……Tsuyoshi Mizuno
   24  Energy Saving by Installing Cold-Water Type LNG Vaporizer ……Seiji Sasaki
   28  Works on the Increase in Electricity Demand in the Mill ……Yoshitaka Aoyagi
   34  Operating Experiences of SE Rotor ……Yasuyuki Yamada
Topics & Information
   39  Advanced Operation in Activated Sludge Plant for the Stability Treatment and Reducing Energy by Using of KURISONIC, the Unique Monitoring Means for Sludge Settling Tank
……Makoto Nomura
   47    High Efficient Fluoropolymer Heat Exchenger Enables Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery of Boiler under 200℃
        -Waste Heat Recovery at below Acid Dew Point is Available-
……Masayumi Ishida
   55  The Latest Proposals for Improving Productivity of Paper Machine
        -On Machine Equipment, Approach System-
……Yoichiro Iwatani
   60  Technology for Reject Treatment and Recovery
        -Fiber & Filler Recovery for Coated Paper and Board-
……Junichi Yano
   64  Report of 2013 TAPPI PEERS and 10th RFR Conference
……Takehiro Kojima and Kazuhiro Kurosu
Corporate Profile & Product Information  (13)
Research Report(Original Paper)
   77  Analysis of Moisture Wrinkles in Containerboard Rolls
……Hironobu Hirano and Takao Kobayashi
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(56)
   92  Shin-Sendai Plant, Rengo Co., Ltd. ……Rengo Co., Ltd.
   03  Committee report
   98  Coffee break
   99  Papyrus
  103  Industry News
  106  List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
  107  List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication
  119  Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  120  Other Monthly Statistics
  122  News from the Association