Vol.68, No.6  Contents

Energy SavingⅠ
    1  Opening Address of the 18th Saving Energy Seminar ……Hiroshi Suzuki
    3  Energy Saving by Flue Gas/Wate - Heat Exchanger on New Waste Fuel Boiler
……Hiroaki Hamada
   10  Energy Saving by Pinch Technology ……Yosuke Kado
   15  The Air Saving Measure of Paper Machine at Tomakomai - Mill
……Satoshi Nakatani, Kazuo Musa, Yukio Urabe, Masaaki Akitaya, Jin Onodera,
Takahito Suzuki, Jun Kabasawa and Hidenori Saito
   19  Low NOx Burner for Coal Fired Steam Generator
……Iwamaro Amano, Shigeharu Kokuryo and Keigo Matsumoto
   23  Energy Saving by Modification of Medium Pressure Steam Lines at Power Plant
……Hitoshi Nakamura
   27  Energy Saving Case by Facilities Improvement in the Takaoka Mill
……Masatoshi Sekii
Topics & Information
   32  Energy Saving Effect by Steel Yankee Dryer
        -Manufacturer:Hergen Paper Machinery-
……Makoto Matsushita and Takefumi Ide
   38  The History of Paper Machine Development:100Years from Robert's Invention
        Part2:The Development of Fourdrinier Machine
……Kiyoaki Iida
Corporate Profile & Product Information  (12)
Introduction of Research Laboratories(99)
   54  Recycled Resource Science, Division of Natural Resources and Eco-Materials,
        Institute of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Research Report(Original Paper)
   58  Precise Determination of Lignin in Residue Obtained from Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Phyllostachys pubescens Stem Alkaline Sulfite Pulp
……Yi Zhang, Akiko Nakagawa-izumi and Hiroshi Ohi
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(55)
   73   Nayoro Mill, Oji Materia Co., Ltd. ……Oji Materia Co., Ltd.
   03  Committee report
   56  Essay on Intellectual Property
   57  Coffee break
   79  Papyrus
   82  Industry News
   85  List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
   87  List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication
   96  Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
   97  Other Monthly Statistics
   99  News from the Association