Vol.68, No.3 Contents

Process Control and Automation
    2  General Review of37th Pulp and Paper Process Control Symposium
......Process Control and Automation Committee, JAPAN TAPPI
   14  Space Technology and Its Evolution
        -Challenge to Space- ......Yasufumi Wakabayashi
   21  Disaster Prevention Initiatives Tokyo Gas and Response to The Great East Japan Earthquake
......Wataru Inomata
   27  Next-Generation Mobile System
......Tetsuya Ishizuka
   35  Cyber-Security Controls for Industrial Control Systems
......Kentaro Hayashi
   41  Azbil Crisis Management Solutions for Manufacturing Industry
        -BCM Solutions and Intelligent Earthquake Emergency Shutdown System-
......Shouichi Osakabe
   45  Integration of IT and Instrumentation Technology
       -The Case Study in Yatsushiro Mill- ......Junji Hoshi
   51  The First Introduction Example of New QCS with Non-Contacting Optical Caliper
        Sensor ......Takeshi Hashida and Takashi Endo
   55  Introduction of Fiber Weight Meter at Kasugai Mill
......Sumio Hayakawa
   62  Case of Non-Contact Caliper Sensor Installation to Wrapping Paper
......Tetsuo Funaba
   67  Storage for Big Data/Cloud Era
        -Tiering Storage Technology to Meet the Diverse Needs- ......Hitoshi Tanigawa
Topics & Information
   71  New Defect Detection Technology for Tissue Industry
......Jason Zyglis, Wayne Killmer and Atsushi Kurosaki
   74  Report on 2013 TAPPI International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials
......Riichi Muramatsu
   78  Corporate Profile & Product Information (10)
       Azbil Corporation
Research Report(Original Paper)
   85  Review of AOX Measurement
......Masayuki Watanabe, Hitoshi Takagi, Hiro Iwata, Miyuki Nakagawa and Hitoshi Okada
   03  Committee report
   84  Coffee break
   97  Papyrus
  100  Industry News
  103  List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
  104  List of Patents issued and Laid-open PublicationI
  115  Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
  116  Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
  118  Other Monthly Statistics
  120  News from the Association
  126  News from the Association