Vol.66, No.9 Contents

Papermaking Technology Ⅱ
      1 Latest Technology for Curtain Coating …… Toshihiro Katano
      8 Operation Experience of PM N9 with On-machine Coating
…… Junya Hosotsubo
     12 Blade Coating Technology
          - Basic Theory of Blade Coating and Blade Design - …… Seiichi Anzai
     17 The Latest Rubber Cover-Backing Roll for Blade Coater …… Hiromitsu Aoyama
     21 Operating Experience of PM N,Pwith On-Machine Coating …… Akihiko Yamamoto
     26 Book and Digital Reading Paper Media and Digital Media
…… Yashio Uemura and Hiroyuki Yaguchi
Topics & Information
     31 Screen Baskets Utilizing Laminar Design Wedge Wire Technology
    …… Morio Kuramochi and Jukka Virtanen
     35 Cleaning Device of Paper Making Machine Tools, POM/Wet End System,
         White Water Treatment Technology
    …… Yoichiro Iwatani
     40 Space-Saving Web Inspection System that Used Sensor Fusion
    …… Kazuaki Watanabe
     44 Some Examples on Abrasion- and Corrosion- Resistant Cladding for Boiler Panel
    …… Taketoshi Goto and Hiroaki Fukumoto
     48 Application of the Optical Caliper Sensor to a White Coated Board Machine
    …… Hirofumi Shimizu
     52 Manufacturing Facility Corresponding to Speed Up and Upsizing of Paper Machine
…… Masaki Tsuji and Shinichi Iwami
Research Report (Original Paper)
     57 Identification of Filamentous Fungi in Paper Damaged
          by Tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake
…… Kenta Higashijima, Tomoko Wada, Kiyohiko Igarashi, Toshiharu Enomae,
Masahiro Samejima and Akira Isogai
Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan (39)
     75 Fuji Mill, Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd. …… Oji Paperboard Co., Ltd.
     03 Committee report
     81 Papyrus
     84 Coffee break
     85 Industry News (Domestic and International)
     89 List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
     91 List of Patents issued and Laid -open Publication
    100 Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District
    101 Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center
    103 Other Monthly Statistics
    105 News from the Association