April 2004

Welcoming New Graduates

 The Effect of Deinked Pulp Parameters on the Sizing Performance
                             Tomohiko Nakata, Ryuji Itose and Kazunari Sakai...(1)

 Development of Environmentally Friendly Deinking
          Agent Atsushi Yamasaki, Kousuke Yoshida, Akinori Kanetani and Toshio Kakui...(9)

 Reduction of Pitch Deposit Troubles by Coagulant Derived from Waste Corrugated Board
               Masanori Kosuga, Tetsuo Morijiri, Motoharu Fujii and Masatomi Ogawa...(16)

 New Rebuild Concept for Paper Machine Sections
  -For Further Improvement of Paper Quality and Productivity-      Hidehiko Yamazaki...(26)

 Hurth PM1 -The World's Most Modern Newsprint Line Breaks New Records-
                                                Takeshi Nonogaki...(36)

 JK-BC System As a Highly Advanced Wastewater Treatment System -
   Actual Case of Denitrification(Wastewater from Animal Husbandry)-     Akira Ikeuchi...(41)

 Analysis of Distributions of the Paper Chemicals on Paper(U)
  -Approach to the Size Effect and the Appearance of Strengthening Mechanism by in-
   situ Observation-                                   Fumiaki Inokuchi...(48)

 Structural Analysis of Coating Layer Containing Plastic Pigments
                       Yoko Saito, Hideki Touda, Junji Kasai, Hitomi Hamada,
                                  Toshiharu Enomae and Fumihiko Onabe...(56)

 The Measurement of Flow load and Detecting Leak for Utility Air in Plant, as for Saving Energy                                                      Taro Sento...(64)

 Recent Trends of Pulp and Paper Related Test Standards
   -The Situation of ISO Standards and Precise Response in JIS Establishment-
                                                Toshiharu Enomae...(68)

Topics & Information

 A Report on the18th ISO/TC6Meeting
                      Takayuki Okayama, Kyoji Kishi, Daisuke Sakakibara,
                        Toshitsugu Yamada, Yoriyuki Hattori and Tadashi Kano...(81)

Introduction of Research Laboratories

 Physical Utilization Section and Wood Chemical Components Section, Wood Utilization
  Division, Hokkaido Forest Products Research Institute                       ...(88)

Research Report

 Liquid Transfer Characteristics of Recycled Pulp Handsheets
                   Takayuki Okayama, Nozomi Yoshinaga and Ken-Ichi Hashizume...(92)

 The Evaluation of Paper Sludge(PS)for Zeolite Synthesis(Part4) -Monthly Change of Chemical
  Composition of PS and The Proposal of the Synthesis Techniqus to Industrial Outout-
                    Takao Ando, Osamu Sugiyama, Masato Saito, Kimio Hiyoshi,
                            Naoto Matsue, Teruo Henmi and Shuji Shimada...(101)

Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan

 -Tomakomai Mill, Oji Paper Co., Ltd-Oji Paper Co., Ltd                        ...(111)

Committee report                                                   ...(03)

Essay on Intellectual Property                                          ...(90)

Coffee break                                                     ...(91)

Papyrus                                                         ...(120)

Industry News(Domestic and International)                                 ...(123)

List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI                     ...(134)

List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication                             ...(136)

Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District                         ...(143)

Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center                          ...(144)

Other Monthly Statistics                                              ...(146)

News from the Association                                            ...(148)