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JAPAN TAPPI is the organization composed of pulp and paper scientists, engineers, and managers in industries, governmental institutions and academia. JAPAN TAPPI was established for the purpose to contribute to the development of the paper industry in Japan and the world as well.
1. Provide the value of information exchange and networking opportunities by holding an annual meeting, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.
2. Publish pulping and papermaking textbooks, conference proceedings, dictionary, handbook, test method and patent abstract.
3. Support new technology development by promoting information exchange between industrial, administrative and academic sectors.
4. Contribute to the technology development in the world by promoting international technical exchange.
5. Encourage students, young scientists and engineers in the pulp and paper industry to join JAPAN TAPPI.
6. Contribute to social development through various association activities.
Contact to JAPAN TAPPI   +81-3-3248-4841 +81-3-3248-4843 https://www.japantappi.org
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