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Full of wide-range information on pulp and paper industry is published once a month. The contents are as follows. 
1. Up-to-date trend of research technical announcement and compilation of a
special edition.
2. Introduction of operational experience.
3. Newly announced research technical article.
4. Introduction of plants and research organizations.
5. Introduction of primary contents of domestic and overseas pulp and paper
related conference.
6. Patent information and introduction of new products.
7. Newly established testing.
8. Inside and outside business news and pulp and paper related dominant statistics.
9. New issue information on business publications.
10. Association news.
JAPAN TAPPI is known as a publisher of technical work related to pulp and paper.
[New Pulp and Paper Manufacture]
Vol. 1 "Kraft Pulping"
Vol. 2 "Mechanical Pulping"
Vol. 3 "Washing, Screening and Bleaching of Pulp"
Vol. 4 "Recycled Pulp"
Vol. 5 "Stock Preparation"
Vol. 6 "Papermaking"
Vol. 7 "Finishing"
Vol. 8 "Coating"
Vol. 9 "Pulp and Paper Testing"
Vol. 10 "Process Control"
Vol. 11 "Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Technical Guide"
Vol. 12 "Environmental Control"
[Pulp and Paper Manufacture]
Vol. 6 "Recycled Fiber, Deinking and Stock Preparation"
Vol.10 "Environmental Control and Water Treatment"
[Dictionary of Pulp and Paper]
[Chronology of Pulp and Paper Technology (1973-1992)]
[Chronology of Paper and Pulp Technology (610-1972)]
[Handbook of Pulp and Paper]
We examine and categorize information on patent and utility model related to
" International Patent Classification (IPC) D21" and others in pulp and paper, and
provide them to the members as "Patent Abstract". Meanwhile, "Patent Abstract" is published on 1st and 15th every month.
We publish important pulp and paper testing method for industry as "JAPAN TAPPI Test Methods". We published 2000 version, which was thoroughly revised in April 2001. Also, in May 2003, additional version was published.
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