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We hold an annual meeting every autumn in the vicinity of domestic paper mills. The annual meeting program includes an awarding ceremony, special lectures by local celebrities in addition to pulping and papermaking experiences, new technologies and products, suppliers' exhibition and mill tour. The annual meetings have been held in Toyama, Tokushima and Asahikawa for the past years and have attracted about 1,000 participants.

The 2010
Date : October 6-8
Mill tour: Chuetsu Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., Takaoka-Nomachi Mill
Venue : Toyama Prefecture Convention Hall
The 2011
Date : October 5-7
Mill tour: Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Tomioka Mill
Venue : ASTY Tokushima
The 2012
Date : October 3-5
Mill tour: Nippon Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Asahikawa Mill
Venue : Taisetsu Crystal Hall
The 2013
Date : October 9-11
Mill tour: Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd., Shimada and Mishima Mills
Venue : ACTCITY Hamamatsu
The 2014
Date : October 8-10
Mill tour: Kitakami HiTec Corporation, Morioka Mill
Venue : Aiina Center
The 2015
Date : October 7-9
Mill tour: Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Niigata Mill
Venue : Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center
The 2016
Date : October 5-7
Mill tour: Daio Paper Corporation, Mishima Mill
Venue : Sun Messe Kagawa Convention Center
The 2017
Date : October 5-6
Venue : Omiya Sonic City
The 2018
Date : October 4-5
Venue : Omiya Sonic City
The 2019
Date : October 23-24
Venue : Sendai International Center
1. Pulp and Paper Research Conference
Annually we host "Pulp and Paper Research Conference" as presentation meeting for research achievement results in the field of pulp and paper and related. We provide opportunities to exchange and share mutual information through theirresearch presentations by the members from industry, government and academia.
2. Pulp and Paper Process Control and Automation Symposium with Exhibition
Annually we host "Pulp and Paper Process Control and Automation Symposium"
with Exhibition (Instrumentation Show) to promote exchange of technology mainly for
instrumentation experts of paper manufacturer and engineers of instrumentation equipment
3. Basics of Process Control and Automation in the Pulp and Paper Industry
Aiming at desirable technical level, for instrumentation experts with 1 or 2 year
experience we provide a basic course annually.
4. Environment Conference
Annually mainly on the environmental problems of paper manufacturing industry and related industries, we host such as environmental conference and round-tablediscussion, and contribute to the environmental improvement. Usually we hold it inJune which is the environmental month.
5. Papermaking Conference
Annually in autumn we host a seminar on papermaking technologies including
lectures on operational techniques by paper manufacturing companies. Also these seminars include an introduction of new technologies and products supplied bypulp and paper-related companies and promote exchange of technology.
6. Pulping Conference
Annually we host a seminar on pulp manufacturing know-how every February or March.
7. Energy Management Conference
Annually we host a seminar which includes the situations of energy supply and consumption in pulp and paper industry, new energy development and case reports on operational experience in energy saving.
8. Holding of Various Lectures and Symposia
Other than the above-mentioned, mainly by each committee we host various
lectures and symposia.
9. Cosponsor and Cooperation of Various Lectures and Symposia
On JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL, we introduce lectures and symposia cosponsored or
cooperated with various bodies'.
1. As one of annual meeting events, we execute excursions to factories, paper mills,
plants, and business offices.
2. We often conduct excursions by each committee sponsorship.
We cosponsor technical conferences with overseas associations, exchange journals of pulp and paper technologies and mutually dispatch representatives to annual meetings and various international conferences.
Paper industry has been developed up-to worldwide level and many technical
developments have been contributed in the past. However, it is urgent for the
industry to preserve and collect them for further development. By this reason,
JAPAN TAPPI takes an action toward the following 2 purposes.
1. To collect and preserve materials related to paper industry technical progress,
and aim at its systematization.
2. To send out signals of preserved and collected materials as information, and
contribute to the next generation technical progress.
Target should be technical record, products sample, and facilities between 1945
and 1990. In 2002 and 2003, survey sheets were sent to many companies in the
industry. In the result we made database of actual storage condition and so on.
After that, based on the result, we are scheduled to proceed preservation of
important technical heritages, significant technical systematization, and sending
out signals as information
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