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(Order of the Japanese syllabary) As of January 1st, 2004
Company URL
Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. http://www.chuetsu-pulp.co.jp/
Daifuku Paper M.F.G Co., Ltd. http://www.daifukuseishi.jp/
Daio Paper Corporation. https://www.daio-paper.co.jp/
Hokuetsu Corporation http://www.hokuetsucorp.com/
Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd. http://www.hyogopulp.co.jp/
Kaga Paperboard Manufacturing Co., Ltd. http://www.kaga.co.jp/
Kitakami Paper Co., Ltd. http://www.kitakami-p.jp/
KJ Specialty Paper Co., Ltd. https://www.kjsp.co.jp/
Lintec Corporation. http://www.lintec.co.jp/
Marusan Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd. http://www.marusan-paper.co.jp/
Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd http://www.marusumi.co.jp/
Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg.Co., Ltd http://www.mikitoku.co.jp/english.html
Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited http://web.infoweb.ne.jp/mpm/
Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. http://www.np-g.com/
Nippon Paper Papylia Co., Ltd. http://www.papylia.co.jp/
Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd. http://www.ojif-tex.co.jp/
Oji Holdings Corporation https://www.ojiholdings.co.jp/
Oji Materia Co., Ltd. https://www.ojimateria.co.jp/
Okayama Paper Industries Co., Ltd. http://www.okayamaseishi.co.jp/
Rengo Co., Ltd. https://www.rengo.co.jp/
Tateyama Paper Mill Co., Ltd. https://www.tateyamaseishi.jp/
Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd. https://www.tt-paper.co.jp/
Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd. https://www.tomoegawa.co.jp/
Associations URL
ABTCP https://www.abtcp.org.br/
Appita https://appita.com/
ATCP Chile http://www.atcp.cl/
China TAPI http://www.ctapi.org.cn/
Korea TAPPI http://www.ktappi.or.kr/
PAPTAC http://www.paptac.ca/
PI http://www.papereng.fi/
Taiwan TAPPI http://www.twntappi.org.tw/
TAPPI https://www.tappi.org/
TAPPIP http://www.tappiphils.com/
2014 Pan Pacific Conf http://www.twntappi.org.tw/Upload/2014%20PPC.pdf
Contact to JAPAN TAPPI   +81-3-3248-4841 +81-3-3248-4843 https://www.japantappi.org
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