JAPAN TAPPI Membership
Membership Categories and Fees
What does JAPAN TAPPI membership offer?
Procedure of Entry
Please contact us when you are interested in joining us, and we will send an
application form and relevant document by return.
Please turn back after filling out entry form with required items. Free enrollment.
After entry approval, we will send membership card afterwards.
Account year is one year from April 1st to next March 31st.
As a rule, entry time is April, first of fiscal year, and entry period below is possible if
convenient for you.
  Company Member, Supporting Member, Overseas Member...April or October
Individual Member, Student Member...April, July, October or January
Domestic Members
  Company Member
(pulp and paper maker and related industries)
1 lot: JPY35000
(provided 3 lots or more)

Supporting Member
(related industries and bodies)

1 lot: JPY80000
(provided 1 lot or more)
Individual Member JPY9600
Student Member
(Please attach the school certificate to the
application form. Student ID card copy is also acceptable)

Overseas Members(Individual)

  If you want to receive your journal by airmail, please add the following mail fees;
Asia: JPY10000
Africa, South America: JPY14000
All Other Areas: JPY12000
All members can appreciate such various useful services as below.
1. Distribution of monthly JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL.
By this JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL, you can get knowledge and information on pulp and paper immediately.
2. Participation in events which the association sponsors, cosponsors, and cooperates, such as annual meeting, research conference, symposium and excursion.
By joining these events, you can contact up-to-date research and technical trend. Also, it's possible for you to use it as occasion of mutual information exchange between membership and occasion of friendship.
3. Distribution of JAPAN TAPPI publications.
We publish the following pulp and paper related technical books.
(1) New Pulp and Paper Manufacture Series
(2) Pulp and Paper Manufacture Series
(3) Dictionary of Pulp and Paper
(4) Handbook of Pulp and Paper
(5) JAPAN TAPPI Test Methods
(6) Patent Abstract
Contact to JAPAN TAPPI   +81-3-3248-4841 +81-3-3248-4843 https://www.japantappi.org
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