1. Founded February 14, 1947
2. Name Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
3. Abbreviation JAPAN TAPPI
4. Address Kami Pulp Kaikan Bldg., 11th Floor
9-11 Ginza 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8139 Japan
5. Officers President
  Mr. Kazufumi Yamasaki
  Executive Vice President & Representative Director,
  Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. and
  President, Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd.

Vice President
  Mr. Fumio Shindo
  Executive Officer,
  Vice President, Forest Resources and Environment
  Marketing Company, Oji Holdings Corporation.
  and President, Oji Green Resources Co., Ltd.

Vice President

  Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki
  Managing Director, COO, Technical & Development Division, and
  Safety Management Department, and Environmental Management,
  Hokuetsu Corporation.

Executive Director

  Dr. Takanori Miyanishi
  Executive Director, JAPAN TAPPI
6. Membership
    (as of July
Corporate Member
Company Member (pulp and paper manufacturers) 27 companies
Supporting Member (suppliers to the industry) 146 companies
Personal Member
Regular & Student 2,600 persons
Overseas 25 persons
Honorary 13 persons
Supporting member includes the following individual bodies
(including firms or companies).
1. Associated public offices and national & public research organizations.
2. Manufacturing companies and sales companies of facilities, equipment, tools, materials and chemicals for pulp and paper manufacturing.
3. Sales companies of pulp and paper products.
4. Publishing companies of pulp and paper technology.
5. Other companies and bodies of pulp and paper manufacturing technology.

Contact to JAPAN TAPPI   +81-3-3248-4841 +81-3-3248-4843 https://www.japantappi.org
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