Vol.63 No.5 Contents


 Opening Address of the 15th Pulping Conference Hidetsugu Yamada...(1)
  Present State of Overseas Plantation
  -Forest Tree Improvement Beginning with Selection of Target Species-
  Kazuya Ito...(2)


  Variety of Lignin Structure in Wood Cells and its Effects on Delignification  

Yuji Matsumoto...(8)


  Historical Development of Kraft Pulp Cooking
Kazuhiko Ando...(12)
  Trend of Bleaching In Kraft Pulp
Yosuke Uchida...(21)
  Modern Kraft Pulping Technology Developed by Metso Paper
Yan Ju...(26)
  Andritz Latest Fiber Line Technology
Kanji Hagiwara and Chiaki Kawakami...(33)
  Expectation to the Paper Industry in the Oil Resources Exhaustion Century
  -Learn from a Past-

Hiraku Nihei...(38)
  Energy Utilization of Biomass
Kenichiro Hada...(47)
  Basic Concept of Pulping Technology for Recovered Paper Masakazu Eguchi...(53)


  Andritz Waste Paper Treatments Pulper System Technology Yosuke Takeshita...(60)


  Pulping Concept for Deinking Plant
  -The AIKAWA's Theory and the Newest Technologies-
Kazumi Fujita...(64)


  Basic Concept of Screening Technology for DIP Process

Masakazu Eguchi...(71)

  Andritz Waste Paper Treatments Screen System Technology  
  Yosuke Takeshita...(77)


  Screening Concept for Deinking Plant
  -The AIKAWA's Theory and the Newest Technologies-
Kazumi Fujita...(80)


Topics & Information
  2008Research Projects of Universities and Government Research Institutes

Wood Science Committee, JAPAN TAPPI...(86)

Research Report(Original Paper)
  Alkali Pretreatment for Producing Bioethanol Fuel from Lignocellulosics Part2
  -Bioethanol Production from Waste and Recycled Materials-

Tsutomu Ikeda, Tomoko Sugimoto, Masanobu Nojiri,
Kengo Magara, Shuji Hosoya and Kinji Shimada...(95)

  Pulp and Paper Mills in Japan(2)
  -Ishinomaki Mill, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd-
  Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd...(106)


Committee report ...(03)
Coffee break ...(94)
Papyrus ...(113)
Industry News(Domestic and International) ...(115)
List of Titles in Foreign Journals Received by JAPAN TAPPI
List of Patents issued and Laid-open Publication ...(128)
Price list of Domestic Logs and Wood Chips by District ...(138)
Wholesale Price list of Papers at Tokyo Trade Center ...(139)
Other Monthly Statistics ...(141)
News from the Association ...(143)